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About is a niche website that specializes in selling English bridles by the part and helping customers get a semi-custom fit for their horses with those off the rack bridle parts.   Absolutely everything, from website design and programming, to taking pictures of the bridles, to packing the orders, and taking out the trash is all done by just one person, me!


My number one job is being mom to my young daughter which unfortunately has taken its toll on Just Bridles since her birth in late 2011.  Which means I will close the website occasionally when I have too much on my plate and I cannot service my customers to a level that is acceptable to me.  However, bridles are a passion of mine and I will always come back and try to be there for my customers as much as I can.   


So please take a look around the site, even if it happens to be temporarily closed.  I have worked hard to offer informative articles on how to measure your horse and how to take those measurements to a bridle so you can get that semi-custom fit, as well as building comprehensive size charts for the different brands and makes of bridles.  And during those down times, I am always an email away at


Happy Riding!



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