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Semi-Custom Bridle Ideas


Welcome to our Semi-Custom Bridle Ideas Section!


         In this section we will highlight some of the great semi-custom bridle ideas that our customers have come up with.   There are so many possibilities when it comes to building your own semi-custom bridle. Let the inspiration flow!     

We put together the first one to help get things rolling:




Aramas/Red Barn Headstall

This headstall is made up of parts from Aramas and Red Barn by KL Select bridle lines. 

Here is a breakdown of the parts we used:

From the Aramas Epic Dressage Bridle 

Item: HK1515-A   Crown    $ 43.00

Item: HK1515-C   Cheeks   $ 40.00

From the Aramas Maestro Weymouth Bridle

Item: HK1518-D    Caveson    $ 95.00

The Red Barn by KL Select Salute Swarovski Crystal Browband

Item: KLRBSALUTE-B   Browband    $ 46.00

Total Headstall Price:  $ 224.00

For matching reins we would suggest one of these: 

Item: HK1515-R   3/4" Web Reins with Buckle Closures $ 79.00 

Item: HK1518-R   5/8" Leather Reins with Stops and Buckle Closures $ 89.00

Total Bridle with Reins Price: either $303.00 or $313.00 depending on rein choice.


Now its your turn!