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How To Measure Your Horse for Individual Bridle Parts




How to Measure Your Horse for Individual Bridle Parts



To insure that you get the best possible fit in your semi-custom bridle we urge you to start your shopping with some measurements in hand.

The things you will need to take these measurements are:


  • A cloth measuring tape

  • Small stickers, pieces of tape, or chalk 

  • Paper and pen to write down measurements


Before you start measuring your horses head, we recommend using small stickers, pieces of tape, or chalk marks on your horse's face at the listed Key Measurement Points to insure that you are measuring from the exact same spot each time you take a measurement. (See Figure 1) 



Key Measurement Points

Figure 1 



Crown Measurements 

Measure from eye level to eye level, over the poll, from A to B. (See Figure 2) Label this Crown Measurement - Eye to Eye.  Now measure from the corner of your horse's mouth, over the poll, to the other corner, from C to D. (See Figure 3) Label this Crown Measurement - Corner to Corner.



Figure 2                                                          Figure 3



Cheeks Measurement

Measure from the corner of their mouth to the level of their eye, from D to A. (See Figure 4) Label this Cheek Measurement.  To get your final cheek measurement you will need to subtract the size of your bit rings. Measure from the end of mouth piece to the outside edge of the ring. (See Figure 5) Label this Bit Ring Measurement.



                                            Figure 4


                                                                                                            Figure 5





Browband Measurement

Measure from E to F (See Figure 6) for the length of the browband. Loose enough to get two fingers under the measuring tape. Make sure you measure far enough back so that the browband will not pull the crown forward and pinch the base of the ears. (See Figure 7) Label this Browband measurement.


Figure 6                                                                             Figure 7




Caveson Measurements 

Measure the circumference of the nose approximately 2 fingers below the bottom of the cheek bones. Loose enough to get two fingers under the measuring tape. From G around to G. (See Figure 8)  Label this Caveson Measurement - Nose.  Now measure from the caveson line to eye level, from G to A. (See Figure 9) Label this Caveson Measurement - Cheek



Figure 8                                                                                           Figure 9



Measure over the nose from G to H. (See Figures 11 and 12)  Label this Caveson Measurement - Bridge.




Figure 10                                                                             Figure 11




Throatlatch Measurement

Measure from E to F under the throat, loose enough to get four fingers under the tape. (See Figure 12)  Label this Throatlatch Measurement. 



Figure 12