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Liquidation Price List


                                !!! PLEASE READ !!!

The link below will take you to the Liquidation Price List.  I am trying something new and have put the list on an online created Excel Spreadsheet.  This way you can sort the list the way that suits you best, according to brand, size, item, etc…  This also gives me the ability to update the list real time as things sell.  Links have also been added to descriptions, when available. I know that the website shopping cart would have been the best way to do this, but it would have taken me too much time and effort to update it, as it was never set up to track inventory.  This way I can deal with orders individually, on a first come first serve basis, at a speed I can handle.  

All orders and questions will be handled via EMAIL ONLY at  I will not be taking phone calls for orders or questions.  Email will be set up with an autoresponder, so that you will know that your email has gotten through to me.  I will personally respond as quickly as I can and your patience is appreciated as I may be quite busy when the list is initially released. 

In emails where you are starting an order:

- Please include the item number as well as a brief description of the items you would like to purchase.  The easiest way is to just highlight the item's, copy and paste them into your email body, making note of how many you want, if more than one. This will help me make sure you are getting the exact items you want.  (You will be able to confirm your entire order for accuracy on an Invoice before you make your payment).   

- Please include your delivery zip code so that I can calculate shipping.
  I prefer to ship USPS Priority because in my experience it is the cheapest with my commercial access, as well as the fastest, so this will be the default shipping method I will quote on all orders unless another service is requested.  

Once an email order is received, I will send an online Invoice that you will be able to pay from.  This will be sent based on email, so if you wish to use another email address or shipping address please include it with email/order. 

Invoices will be issued through PayPal, however, you DO NOT need a PayPal account for payment.   Just choose the option to check out the debit or credit card.


****NOTE:  I am still working on adding all links to item descriptions.*****